Friday, November 16, 2007

Pythian Castle, Downtown Toledo

Highly unusual, but not for any of the reasons you may think. It's odd because Richardsonian Romanesque buildings very rarely switch from stone to brick, on the way up. My favorite part is all those little gables and pinnacles at the roofline. Another interesting thing to notice is the triangular insets, of a dofferent colored stone, between the arches.
The Knights of Pythias were one of those fraternal organizations that proliferate like weeds in the US.
Pythian Castle was built in 1890, and was designed by Toledo architect Norval Bacon, who also happened to be Grover Cleveland's brother-in-law.

Good Shepherd Church, East Toledo

Lotus Street, Old South End

I'm still not quite used to grain elevators. The size is overwhelming. They even dwarf the freighters docked beside them.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Maumee

Scioto River, near South Bloomfield, Ohio

(Photo Credit)

Public Library, Galion, Ohio

Fantastic little building. That dome is very unusual.
Photo: Wikipedia public domain

Lucas County Courthouse, Downtown Toledo

Danny Thomas Park, Old South End

Old South End Cottages

The whole neighborhood is a paradise for anyone who wants a sensible house, with character, instead of a damn McMansion.
They certainly have character, though most are in the "fixer-upper" category, to use realtor-babble.
Even the ones that are in good condition come surprisingly cheap.

Many have lost their original details, but here and there, you'll find one that hasn't.

Manhattan Range Lighthouse

This stands beside a bar, along Broadway. Not much use for ships there, but it looks nice.
There were two of these lights at the mouth of the river. Captains would align them to be sure their vessels were on course for entering the Maumee. HERE'S a website that explains how it was done.

My Native Heath

The Smithfield Street Bridge, in Pittsburgh. It was built in1883 and has a lenticular truss. Not many of those left. HERE'S a good website about it.
I used to walk across this every chance I got, in my younger days.

The Other Toledo

A picture of Spanish Toledo from a manuscript of AD 976.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Monday, November 12, 2007

Lotus Street, Old South End

Former Westminster Presbyterian Church, Vistula Historic District

Good building. Awful condition. It's seen a number of uses, over the years.

Gulls near Corbutt Island

The water's gotten low. The sand bar playing host to a flock of gulls isn't usually that big.

Bowling Green, Ohio

A wonderful Queen Anne, across from the courthouse. Those vergeboards on the front gables have almost a Chinese quality to them.

Bryant School, Fostoria

Very good. For some reason, Ohio towns have gone the extra mile in designing school buildings.
Very simple, but those curves are perfect.
The motto? Well, I can picture a lot of poor people laughing their asses off at that.
Photos by Kevin Hammer

Baptist Church, Norwalk, Ohio

This is really quite interesting. Notice the way the stone arches are arranged over the door. I love the tracery in the rose window.
Photo by Alex Fries.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Danny Thomas Park, Old South End

St. Patrick's, Warehouse District

Broadway Houses

Old South End Houses may not be elaborate, but they usually have character.

Just a Comment

Since I've added links to some of my favorite Toledo blogs, I thought I'd better address the curious developments at my old blog, Just a Comment. Don't look at me, I have nothing to do with it. In a moment of disgust, I deleted four blogs. Do I regret it? Not a dickie bird. The only thing that bothers me is the fact that, when a blog's deleted, opportunists can go in, claim the blog,get a cached page for the template, and post any sort of advertising garbage they care to. They get a ready made number of hits. Does Blogger give a rat's hindquarters? Hell, no. I managed to get them to delete an advertiser from another of the blogs I deleted, but only because he was posting under my name. So, if you stop there and get an eyeful, don't blame me.
Why "Back to Damerosehay"? Long story. Suffice it to say my favorite writer is Elizabeth Goudge. ( That's Elizabeth, not Eileen.)
There's a list of my other blogs in the sidebar. This one should have a lot more good pictures and a lot less yapping. I'm sick of yapping.

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