Saturday, March 8, 2008

An Oddity

If you look at a map of the Maumee watershed, you'll notice something very odd. Usually, a river's tributaries flow in the same general direction as the river itself. With the Maumee, that pattern is reversed. The tributaries flow toward the Maumee's source. This is because, due to tricks of glaciation, millenia ago, the Maumee has changed direction. It originally flowed into the Wabash.

Bethel Lutheran Church, South Avenue

Photos by SherriYS

Friday, March 7, 2008

Giant Bonsai

Near Newbury School.

On Broadway

Bethel Lutheran Church, South Avenue

One of the best examples of 1950's Gothic I've ever seen. More tomorrow.

Photos by SherriYS

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Slight Problem

I have a great deal of respect for Peter Navarre, and consider him the most interesting character in Lucas County's history. However, I've just found a story claiming he was descended from Henri IV of France. It seems a book, written in 1897, put forward a notion that Peter Navarre's family were somehow descended from Henri's illegitimate son Cesar, Duke of Vendome. Now, the Duke of Vendome had three children. His daughter Elisabeth married the Duke of Nemours. Her children are well documented, having been ancestors of the royal families of Italy and Portugal. His younger son Francois, Duke of Beaufort had no recorded children. Louis, the eldest son and second duke, had three sons. None of them produced children.
Just assuming there might have been an illegitimate child somewhere, who was only known to an obscure local historian of the late 19th century ( A tribe well known for being prone to flights of fancy. ), how would he have ended up with the name Navarre, instead of Bourbon, like the rest of the family, and why, having seriously wealthy, powerful, and childless relatives who had no qualms about recognizing illegitimate progeny, was he pissing around in 18th century Detroit instead of living the high life in France?

Monday, March 3, 2008

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