Saturday, February 23, 2008

Faces on Monroe

I posted about the dragons at the back door of this building, HERE.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ohio Bank and Trust Building

My aim was getting a bit off by this point. Blame it on chillblains. Can't operate the camera with my gloves on.
That's an eagle's head, by the way.

This is sort of an Aztec design.

Ft. Ball Monument, Tiffin

This statue of a Native American lady marks a spring that was inside the fort.
I haven't figured out why a monument to a War of 1812 fort shows a man in 17th century clothing. The whole thing's very nice, though.
Photos by Kevin Hammer

St. John Lutheran, Old South End

I knew the glass had to be good, just from looking at it from outside.

This is absolutely magnificent.

Photos by ShariYS.

A Meme

A while back, I was tagged, by Rhapsody, for a meme. I'm to list six unimportant habits or quirks I have.
1. I don't know why, but when standing still I tend to lean slightly to the right. The oddest part is the fact that my great-grandfather Arthur Bennett did the same. I'd never have realized I did it if my grandmother wasn't struck by the coincidence.
2. I talk to every cat I meet.
3. I'm incapable of walking past a beautiful tree or a good piece of stonework without touching it.
4. I tap the ground two or three times, with my cane, whenever I'm impatient or annoyed. If I do it four times, best make yourself scarce.
5. I tend to use a textbook example of the classic "harumph" frequently.
6. I collect unusual names. That started when I was told that I have an ancestral aunt named Serepta Anna Hanke Heffelfinger, in one of the Pennsylvania German lines.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ohio Building

Coming Soon

I actually managed to get Downtown for some new material, today. There are about eighty pictures to post, when my knees feel less like they're about to explode. Tomorrow morning, at the latest.