Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Collingwood Presbyterian

I walked around the corner, last evening, to have a closer look at the porch on Collingwood Presbyterian. Got much more than I bargained for.
Overall, it's a decent building. The tower's quite good. ( I can see the top from my kitchen window. )
The real attraction, however, is the porch. Beautiful work.

What resulted in my filling my memory card was the faces on the capitals.
My first thought was that they're just too individual to be solely a product of the artist's imagination.
Fortunately, there was a lady tending flowers who confirmed that they're caricatures of members of the congregation. They've even managed to identify some of them.
There are dozens of them, and not many are flattering. Never knew Presbyterians to have such a sense of humor.

Somehow, I sense a story behind this one.

More tomorrow.

A Terra Cotta Fetish

That's about the only way I could describe it. The stuff's everywhere.

Edward Ford House, Old West End

The carriage house.