Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

St. Joseph's Church, Fremont, Ohio

Go Home, Mr. Moody

THIS ITEM , in the Knife, about carpetbagger Jim Moody's campaign for mayor ( Same class as dear Opal Covey ) has my blood boiling.

“I’ve never made any bones about it, that I moved here last July for the purpose of running for mayor,” Mr. Moody said.

Now, even if I happened to agree with the man, that would disqualify him, as well as gaining my contempt. It takes a special kind of arrogance to move to a town, or in this case maintain a pied-a-terre in it, just to run for office.

“I believe we can jump-start Toledo’s economy by jump-starting real estate,” he said. “While America needs to be a group of savers, we also need to be a group of spenders.”

WTF? Has he been asleep for the last year or so?

"He wants to promote Toledo as a destination for boaters and build an amphitheater in the Marina District to attract national acts — an idea that was deemed unfeasible by a market study done by the Finkbeiner administration."

Well and good, for the first part, but it won't be accomplished by delusions of grandeur. "If you build it, they will come" only works in sappy films. Hell, in the current economy we'll be lucky to salvage anything from the Marina District plans.

“The impetus for me to run for mayor of Toledo was just born out of total frustration,” he said.

AAAW, poor baby! Those nasty people in Toledo didn't bow down and do your bidding, so you'll show them! You'll move to Toledo and run for mayor. Give me a break!

"He objected when the city enacted legislation in 2008 to require vacant houses to be listed on a public registry, with the owners paying annual fees unless they post for-sale or for-rent signs in front of the building.

Is the man daft? Has he noticed how many vacant building are cropping up, thanks to the shenanigans of irresponsible absentee landlords, "property managers", and predatory lenders? Just let them sit and rot? That's "business friendly" of course.

I have a suggestion for Jim Moody. Why doesn't he just go sit down for a cup of herb tea with Opal? I'm sure they'd have fun commiserating. After all, they're two of a kind. Then he can go home to Sylvania and mind his own damn business.

SS Willis B. Boyer

Old Sheriff's House and Jail, Fremont, Ohio

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Henry County Courthouse, Napoleon, Ohio

The architect was Toledo's D. W. Gibbs.

And Your Point Is, Doctor?

Interesting article in the Knife, yesterday. It seems to lament the fact that the state isn't pouring massive funding into anniversary celebrations for the Civil War ( AKA, the War of Southern Treason ) and the War of 1812 as they did with Ohio's Bicentennial.
The part that struck me was a quote from Dr. Richard D. Ruppert: "Remember, if it weren't for the War of 1812, you and I would probably be Canadians."
Hmm. Let me see, now. If we were Canadians, we'd be citizens of a free country. We'd not have had our economy dismantled by three decades of disastrous Republican policies. We'd actually be able to afford to subsidize a bunch of re-enactment bozos playing dress-up out at Ft. Meigs.
Can I think about it for a while before deciding that being Canadian would be a bad thing?