Friday, September 28, 2007

Swan Creek, Downtown Toledo

Episcopal Church, Norwalk, Ohio

Ugly Episcopal churches are as rare as hen's teeth.
Photos by Alex Fries.

Tiffin, Ohio

St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Notice the gables.

Photos by Kevin Hammer.

Norwalk, Ohio

Lucas County Sherriff's House


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Toledo Traction Company Powerhouse

Originally built to run the streetcar system, this reasonable facsimile of a provincial Roman basilica ( In the original sense as a law court and place of assembly ) was designed by D.H.Burnham and Company, of Chicago.
It was built between 1895 and 1897.
The place has sat empty for a good while. A developer, of sorts, is in the process of converting it into apartments. If they proceed at their current rate of speed, it should be ready for occupancy in about thirty years.

On the Maumee

Cherry Street Bridge, Toledo

Swan Creek, Downtown

Fort Industry Square

Fort Industry Square is a block of 19th century business buildings, connected by an interior hallway, for use as offices and retail establishment. Unfortunately, since Toledo has no competent organizations working at economic development, but a troop of performing jackasses, tripping over one another, it's mostly empty.
The beehive was put there by a bank. Good symbol of frugality and industriousness. Banks used to encourage that sort of thing before prodigality and shady deals became more profitable.
The interior of Fort Industry Square includes salvage from demolished buildings, including the bar from the Boody House Hotel ( A story in itself ), stained glass, and tile fountains from the Willys-Overland ( Inventors of the Jeep ) headquarters. I'll post more pictures of the block, when I find the blasted things.

The Holland Flats

Built in 1888, from a design by E.O.Fallis, the Holland Flats featured his trademark stepped gables. The roof was originally red tile.
It's an upscale boutique and art gallery, now, but supposedly its history includes illegal alcohol, during prohibition, prostitution, illegal gambling, and a time as a safehouse for gangsters. That's Toledo. This town has stories that would curl your hair.

At Fifth Third Field, Downtown Toledo

Fifth Third Field is the stadium for the Toledo Mud Hens. Just in case you're wondering, the stadium was named for Fifth Third Bank, a company with the courage to have a seriously stupid name. A mud hen is a coot, by the way.

From the Paris Metro

Toledo Museum of Art

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

St. Stephen's Church, East Toledo

Toledo-Lucas County Public Library

The central court of the downtown library has a series of Vitrolite glass, sectile mosaic murals, representing various branches of knowledge.
Vitrolite, a form glass used for architectural work, was made in Toledo, by the Libbey, Owens, Ford Company.

Swan Creek, Downtown Toledo

One Seagate, Downtown Toledo

Anthony Wayne Bridge

Walbridge Park, Toledo

The Maumee, at Toledo


By John F. Swalley

Toledo artist. Born 1887.

Downtown Toledo

Old Ohio Bell Building, Tiffin, Ohio

Perfect. The patterned brickwork gives it texture and the stone ( Or terra cotta? ) work is almost unheard of on a building like this.
Photos by Kevin Hammer

Tiffin Glass Museum, Tiffin, Ohio

There's a good website, HERE.
Photo by Kevin Hammer.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007