Saturday, May 10, 2008

Eagles of Toledo

Home Building and Savings Company Building, Broadway and Segur.

National Train Day, Amtrak Station, Old South End

I have a lot of pictures, but they'll have to wait until tomorrow.

On Broadway

Can anyone guess where it is?

Old South End

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lucas County Courthouse

Benefit Concert

There will be a concert at the Blarney Irish Pub, 601 Monroe, on Saturday, May 10, from 7PM to 1AM. ( Bloody well rules out my presence. My brain turns into a pumpkin at midnight. ) A five dollar donation is suggested and the hat will be passed, periodically.
The concert will benefit the Feed Your Neighbor food pantry at Augsburg Lutheran Church. You'll find more information HERE, but no one seems to have mentioned who's playing.

Open House

There will be an open house, this Saturday, May 10, at the Toledo Amtrak Station, at Martin Luther King, Jr. Plaza. It'll last from 10AM to 7PM, and include music; displays of model trains, artwork, and memorabilia; clowns; prize drawings; food; and a rides on a "Segway personal transporter, whatever that may be.

Secor Building, Downtown

Monday, May 5, 2008

Don't Try This at Home

Taking a picture while standing in the middle of a street isn't really to be recommended. Even I wouldn't try it, except on a Sunday evening.

Trinity Episcopal, Downtown