Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Charter One Bank, Downtown Toledo

Built in 1908, for the People's Savings Association, this gem was designed by E.O. Fallis.

City of Toledo

Photo: Toledo-Lucas County Public Library

Water Street, Downtown Toledo, 1877

Photo: Toledo-Lucas County Public Library

Monday, October 29, 2007

Lincoln's Funeral Train: A Toledo Connection

Abraham Lincoln's presidential railroad car was refitted, immediately after his assassination, to carry his body home to Springfield, Illinois. The assistant foreman of both the construction of the car and its refitting was Myron H. Lamson, whose sons owned a department store in Toledo for many years.
In 1908, Lamson Brothers had this card printed from a family photograph. Unfortunately, the car was destroyed by fire in 1911. HERE'S a website devoted to the story of the funeral train.
Columbus was one of many stops on the route. This picture shows the president's coffin being taken to lie in state at the Ohio Capitol Building.

Old South End

The Ohio Building, Downtown Toledo

This riot of terra cotta and bronze is one of my favorites. I'll post more on it, with detail shots, later in the week.

The Fiberglass Tower, Downtown Toledo

To use one of my father's expressions, "that's a whole lot of ugly".
It was built as the headquarters of Owens-Corning, thus the name, in 1969. Harrison and Abramovitz, of New York, designed the monstrosity. Believe it or not, this is it's best looking angle, because the parking garage softens the starkness. The others are worse.
The place has been empty since 1996. There's not much hope of tenants, especially since a horrendous case of frozen pipes played hell with the interior. There's talk of tearing it down. Good riddance.

Police Headquarters, Bowling Green, Ohio

Shawhan Hotel, Tiffin, Ohio

Photos by Kevin Hammer

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Norwalk, Ohio

Built in 1909 and beautifully preserved. A wonderful building.

Photos by Alex Fries.